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Learn French online with a private tutor.
Whenever you want. 
Wherever you want.

From the comfort of your home or during your lunch break at the office, whether you are a beginner or advanced, My French Teacher can help you reach your language goal in no time ! 

Why choose My French Teacher ?


Learn directly from your own laptop via Skype


Choose the time and day that fit your schedule


Cheaper than a private teacher, and more efficient than a group class

Type of lessons

French courses
Language course from levels A1 - C2

If you are looking for a structured language lesson, this is the right course for you ! 


If you'd like to practice your French in a less formal setting, this class is for you.

French with the news

In this course we will use audio news podcasts to work on comprehension (for intermediate learners).

Exam preparation

You are thinking of taking the DELF or DALF ? 

Check out our special exam preparation course. 

Not sure which class is the right one for you ? 
Click             for a free 20 minutes need assessment ! 
Learn French while enjoying the beautiful region of Lausanne.

Take advantage of your holiday to boost your French ! 

With language class in the morning, followed by sightseeing and activities in the afternoon, you will be able to speak French 100% of the time while discovering Switzerland. 

About My French teacher

Immersion stay in Lausanne, Switzerland

Immersion stay
Melody Laffitau 

Born and raised in Paris, I have always been passionate about languages.   I have a bachelor's degree in Japanese, studied in New York, worked in Hong Kong, and lived for a while in Japan.  I can now speak 5 different languages ( English and Japanese fluently, Italian and Spanish at an elementary level) and I have always loved meeting new people from different cultures.


After spending 8 years working in the fashion and luxury industry, I decided to quit my job in 2016 to set up a volunteer project focusing on young girls' education in South East Asia.

I strongly believe that education is the key to fight poverty and empower women, so I spent 10 months in 5 different countries helping several NGOs to teach English and French to underprivileged children in places where they couldn’t go to school. 

Upon my return to Europe, I decided to continue teaching and created « My French Teacher » so I could share my love for languages.  I have also continued to participate in several projects in support of education.

Since its creation, « My French Teacher » has helped more than 180 learners worldwide to achieve their language goals, and supported the work of 8 NGOs in 5 different countries.  We look forward to helping you achieve your language goals!

Our commitment

At my French Teacher, education is not the only thing we care about :


We proudly became in 2021 a member of the organization « 1% for the Planet France » and since then, we donate 1% of our annual sales to environnemental causes. 


Our commitment is part of the many actions we take for one global goal : preserving our planet. 

For more information, have a look at our "Blog and news" section or click on the website below : 


Our Teachers

Capture d’écran 2019-04-26 à 10.31.45.png

My name is Lara and I have been teaching French for nearly 10 years. As a part time job first, during my university Years, and as a full time job since November 2013.

I always work with the same willingness and motivation behind: 

Teaching my language and my culture to those who are interested in them. 

I’m very interested in current political and social events, sports, art, and of course travels! 

I speak both English and German perfectly, and a bit of Turkish as well, and I hope I will get you out to get to know Molière’s language! 

photo bio Anaïs.jpg

Hello, I 'm Anaïs.

Since my childhood I have had a passion for foreign languages. I have studied English ,Spanish and Italian.  I have a bachelor's degree in foreign languages.

I worked for 7 years as an Office Manager before studying teaching methods in Ireland which allowed me to be Celta certified by the University of Cambridge. 

I am very involved with my students. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I will transmit my knowledge. During my free time, I like to travel, do some sports and read the news. 

My ambition is to share with you my passion and to help you reach your goals.


Hello I’m Marlène !

After several years as a personal assistant in many different companies, I have decided to become a French teacher for foreigners. Since then, I have studied and worked in Ukraine, Mongolia and France.

I am a very curious and energetic person. I enjoy meeting new people and fully engaging with my students to help them achieve their goals, as well as achieving targets through partnership work. I am fluent in English and Italian, and a beginner in Spanish and Russian.


I adapt my teaching strategies to my students’ learning styles in a way that will help them communicate in French more effectively.



Gary, USA

"Melody and I have worked together for over 2 years and she has been instrumental in helping me go from a B1-B2 to a C2 level.  She has helped me improve my conversation skills and to prepare for both the DALF C1 and C2 exams.  She is knowledgeable, patient and very easy to talk to.  She’s also given me some great tips on places to visit in France and Switzerland.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!"


Galina, Russia

" I've had 40 FANTASTIC lessons so far. :) Melody is an incredible and enthusiastic teacher and an awesome person. Never thought learning a language could be so exciting ! Melody, merci beaucoup ! "

italy rond.jpg

Simone, Italy

" Melody is extremely helpful with me and, despite my organisational difficulties, she always brilliantly solves all my problems. She brings out the best in me and enriches me with new concepts, words and interesting stimuli every time. I am very grateful to her. Merci d'etre ma prof "


Jakob, Austria

"The lessons with Melody are just great! I know that I make a LOT of mistakes but Melody does a great job in letting me get into a rhythm and only pointing out the most important things. It's really just perfect! :)"


Jose, Portugal

" Really enjoyed my French class with Melody. She was professional and corteous, knew exactly what to look for in my French to access my level and did an assessment of it that made me understand what is needed to better my skills. Couldn't be happier "


Lena, Japan

" Melody had an amazing ability to quickly gauge my comprehension and adjust her speed/vocabulary.

I felt very comfortable talking to her. Big plus that she can understand my Japanese filler words too! " 


Catherine, China

" I really like the way Melody did her lesson with me. It was great and engaging. I really learnt a few grammar. It was good "


Sarah, USA

" Melody is wonderful! She always remembers little details about my life and travels that we've discussed from previous lessons and seems to really care about her students. She is patient and friendly when I make mistakes and corrects them for me. Great teacher! "

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