Lavaux Express : vineyard tour in an old fashioned train 


Lavaux Express is an old fashioned train that will takes us across the slopes of the Unesco Lavaux terraced vineyard.


We will start our journey in the lovely city of Lutry, where we can first walk around by the harbor, enjoy the lake and the mountain scenery, and stroll in the small streets of this traditional village. 


After that, we will board on the train and for about an hour, it will take us to several cities of this wine region, where you will be able to admire the amazing landscape: the terraced vineyard, the grapes, the old stoned walls, overlooking the lake and the French mountains on the other side.


We will stop in the middle of the tour at a panoramic terrace where you’ll be able to take amazing pictures of this beautiful view.


If you would like to try some wine on the way we can do this for an additional cost.


*** Included in this activity: Transportation to Lutry, ticket for the Lavaux Express, and transportation back to the city center of Lausanne