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courses from levels A1 - C2

Our language courses are structured lessons based on the CECR, which is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Level A1 - A2 corresponds to a beginner level. In this course, you will learn basic French vocabulary, grammar, as well as how to communicate in everyday situations such as exchanging greetings, introducing yourself, speaking about your family, asking for directions, interacting with people in shops, restaurants, etc.

Level B1 - B2 corresponds to an elementary level. In this course, you will expand your vocabulary, learn more complex grammar, and will learn to express your opinion about a subject and have more in-depth discussions.

Level C1 - C2 corresponds to an advanced level. In this course, we will focus on very specific topics, idiomatic expressions and slang, and a variety of things that will help you reach a nearly native level.

For all these lessons, we will provide the necessary learning materials and can also offer you personalized materials tailored to your needs.

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