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Hiking and apero !


The Lavaux region and its Unesco terraced vineyard are one of the most beautiful things to see around Lausanne. It’s a great place to hike and stop for a picnic! 


We will start our journey in the lovely city of Lutry, where we can first walk around by the harbor, enjoy the lake and the mountains scenery, and stroll in the small streets of this traditional village.


We can stop by the local market to buy cheese and a selection of cold meat for a traditional Swiss Apero. For the wine, we can visit a local cellar and choose a bottle together. 


After gathering all these delicious delicacies, we will start our hike. This is not a very intense hike: even if the slopes look steep, there are a lot of flat routes we can take to admire the scenery, take pictures and just chat while walking. 

There is also a lot of explanation along the way, where you can learn many things about this region, the wine produced there, and the traditional terraced vineyard. 


After a 45 minutes hike we will stop for our little Apéro. Surrounded by the vineyard, overlooking the lake and the mountains, that’s the best location to have a glass of wine in the sun, and enjoy some well deserved finger food. 


After a nice rest, we can either go back to the city of Lutry, or continue our hike to Cully, another lovely city by the lake and take the train back from there. 


*** Included in this activity: Transportation both ways, bottle of wine and finger food

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