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Culinary experience in the Gruyère region

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After a 45 minutes drive across the Swiss traditional country side, we will reach the region of Gruyère. 

The region of Gruyère is home to the famous Gruyère cheese. The landscape here is wonderful, and it embodies every Swiss stereotype: green pastures, the mountain, and the cows with their typical bell sounds. 


We will start by visiting the Gruyère Cheese museum where you can follow the process of traditional cheese making step by step. You will have a glimpse in the factory where the cheese makers work all day, but also the cheese cellar where thousands of cheese are stored. At the end of the visit, you can taste 3 different gruyère cheese to compare their flavor maturation. 


After the visit, we will go to the medieval city of Gruyère, which is located close by, but up in the mountain. We will visit together by foot this lovely medieval city, with typical Swiss architecture, traditional restaurant and a lot of small shops where you can buy all the Swiss delicacy. 

We will have lunch there in one of the traditional restaurant, where you can try the traditional Swiss fondue. 


After lunch Option ( with additional cost ) 


  • Gruyère Castle + 12

The Gruyere castle was built during the XIII century. You can visit the inside of the castle with its different rooms well decorated, but also the gardens that offer an amazing panorama of the whole region. 


  • HR Giger Museum + 12,50

HR Giger is Swiss artist best know for being the creator of the monsters of the movie « Alien ». He was awarded an Oscar for his work among the special effect team, and this museum houses the largest and most impressive collection of the artist’s paintings, and sculptures. 


  • Tibet musem  +10 

This foundation present the largest collection of Tibetan art in the world. The museum located in an old chapel represent the open-mindedness between different culture, religion and art. 

After the visit you can relax during the 45 minutes drive back while contemplating one more time the wonderful Swiss country side. 

*** Included in this activity: Transportation to Gruyère, entrance fee for the Gruyère museum, and transportation back to the city center of Lausanne.

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