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Cailler's Chocolate factory 

After a 45 minutes drive across the Swiss traditional country side, we will reach the Cailler's Chocolate Factory. 

Cailler is Switzerland oldest chocolate brand still in existence. For 200 years, Maison Cailler is producing the finest chocolate creation with fresh milk from local dairies, sustainable cocoa, and all the finest ingredient and in-depth knowledge of chocolate making. 


You will start with a short movie presenting the origin of Cailler’s chocolate factory, then enter the museum and learn about the history of chocolate, through a series of interactive and multi sensorial experiences, from Aztec ceremonies to the innovation of today. You will also be able to have a glimpse in the factory and see a real production line, from melting the chocolate, to molding it in bars, and finally wrapping them for you to take a little piece home. 

At the end of the visit, you will be able to taste all of their most famous chocolate during a final chocolate tasting. 


After the tasting you can relax during the 45 minutes drive back while contemplating one more time the wonderful Swiss country side. 

*** Included in this activity: Transportation to Cailler's Chocolate Factory, entrance fee for the museum, and transportation back to the city center of Lausanne. 

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