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Lausanne artistic afternoon


Lausanne has so many different museums to offer. You can choose 2 of them to visit together while commenting the exhibit, and then have a lovely tea-time chat in between. 

Please find below the different museums you can choose from:

  • Museum of fine art 

  •  Musee Olympic

  • Lausanne historia museum

  • MUDAC museum (contemporary design and applied arts)

  • Art brut collection 

  • Elysée museum (photography) 

  • Hermitage foundation (fine art), 

  • Palais de Rumine ( archeology, history, geology, and zoologie) 

  • Architecture forum

  • Botanical garden  … 


***This afternoon includes a transportation day pass ( 10.- value) that we will use to go from one museum to another, and also the drink and pastries for the tea time. 

It also includes the entry for the museums ( between 15 to 20.-CHF value entrance fee for each museum)

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